Hello and Welcome!

August 21, 2010

I’ve been playing with the idea of being Eco-Chic in Suburbia for many months…What does it mean to be a person committed to “green” values in a land of consumerism (guilty!), overuse of chemicals to keep everything from our lawns to our dogs “clean”, and soccer mom stereotypes? What does it mean to be FABULOUS in this same place? And why is it so hard??

Moving to suburbia was a personal struggle for me. Sure – I lived here all my life but I always had a supportive community and friends to listen to my crazy talk and love me (and/or agree with me) anyways. I’ve moved from the suburbs of Columbus to Toledo to Youngstown all in the span of 14 months. Talk about culture shock! Urban farming is a popular hobby for some of my friends in Columbus… but I mentioned free-range beef to a local (Youngstown) butcher shop employee and she asked me what it was…I had a “Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore” moment. And now my significant other and I are trying to navigate through a new part of state, make friends, get involved, and, oh yeah, transform this mess of a house that we purchased this spring to get our “Obama money.”So I needed something to help me embrace my green side…and came up with the idea of being “eco-chic.”

What does eco-chic mean?? It’s a mantra, way of life, and virtue. It means you value your health, environment, and community just as much as your fabulousity. I began describing my way of life with this adjective after feeling dowdy and gross because I was being so “green”! I redefined what loving my earth means to me and reclaimed my spectacularness. I’m not boasting – just excited that I was able to merge two parts of my self into a one whole.

I’m hoping that this blog makes it easier for others seeking out ways to be more green – and eco-chic, of course. I always feel lost in suburbia when I try to learn or do something earth-friendly. People in San Fransisco and Vermont have it easy – someone else has already done the work and created the resources for them! During my exploration of this area, I’ve learned that there really are AMAZING resources in Northeast Ohio – but they can be tricky to find! I want this blog to be a go-to source for you so it’s not so hard – because it shouldn’t be! Why did it take me months to realize that there is a charming farmer’s market in Youngstown? Let me do the work for you…because the easier going green is, the more likely you are to make it a lifestyle.

Because a huge part of going green is going local, a portion of this blog will focus on being eco-chic in Northeast Ohio (NEO) and Youngstown (the city my suburb floats around). I DO want this to be a resource for ALL suburbanites and will be sure to balance out local topics with tips that apply everywhere.

So please take what you can from this blog and embrace your eco-chic, suburban self…no matter where you are.