Eco-Chic Deals of the Week 2/27 - 3/5

February 27, 2011
Here are your Eco-Chic Deals of the Week! I've had a productive day and already scooped the Kashi from CVS and Seventh Generation products from Target :) Enjoy!


  • $2 ECB WYB (2) Participating Products $3 ea. Limit 1
    Kashi GoLean, Kashi Heart to Heart cereal, 12.4-17.5 oz.
    Kashi TLC Bars, 6 ct.
    -$1 off Kashi GoLean Crisp cereal, printable
    -$2 Kashi Product Recycle Bank printable
    (use (2) $2 off coupons, makes it FREE)


  • Seventh Generation Dish Soap 25 oz., $2.69 (This coupons also work on the kitchen and bathroom spray cleaner!)
    -$1 off Seventh Generation diapers, feminine care or cleaning (Target coupon) printable
    -$1 off Seventh Generation Product, (register) printable
    (use both, makes it 69¢)

  • Earth’s Best 2nd Foods Jarred Baby Food, 4 oz., 70¢
    -$1/7 Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food printable

A big thanks to Southern Savers for the above deals!

Giant Eagle (until 3/2)

  • $1.00 Off Instantly wyb (4) selected Cascadian Farms
    Cascadian Farms Vegetables or Fries $2.25
    Use $1.00 printable

  • Freshpet refrigerated Kitty food $1.50
    Use BOGO from 2/13/S
    = 75¢ each

  • Kashi Cereal $3.00
    Use $1.00 from Kashi booklet
    Use $2.00 from Recycle Bank =$1.00

A HUGE thanks to Cherry Picker for putting together all the above deals!


Upcycled Crafts - A HUGE Flower for your Hair

February 26, 2011

I admitted in my Ten on Tuesday post that I love to wear huge flowers and the like in my hair...There's something about an adorable hair piece that makes me feel cute and sassy! Being excessive and feisty is fabulous sometimes...Well, most times.

Try wearing a flower in your hair...any color, style, size. You will love it! And, yes, you can pull it off! Don't even go there...You are fabulous and just need to find the right one for you! My summer outfit is a pair of shorts, white tee, and a flower. Adorbs, if I do say so myself.

So after a long (but fun!) day of training and then a recovery nap, I decided to take advantage of my free Saturday night and whip up the hair piece that I linked to on the same Ten on Tuesday post...And because I always try to be eco-chic in my crafting, I used a pink poly blouse that I picked up from Goodwill earlier this week along with some leftover white tulle-like fabric from a previous craft endeavor.

One of the more difficult parts of upcycled crafts is having all of your materials on hand...I searched Goodwill for a pink poly item for the fabric and, of course, got distracted. The search is a bit more difficult than just running to Joann's but so much better for the environment and gets easier as you develop a small stash of goodies.

So these are the supplies that I started with...My soda stream bottle is in the photo too. It's important to stay hydrated while crafting!

And this is what I ended up with!

Ignore the lack of make-up and look of minor exhaustion happening in this photo...Putting together a training for 140 people is hard work!

I completely own that this flower is HUGE. On the verge of too huge, but just on the verge...Paul's eyes got a little big when he saw it but I know he likes it. He secretly adores my excessive nature. I'm picturing this clipped to a ponytail or perched on the side of my hair for some exploring.

I'm considering splitting the petals in half like the original but I would hate to ruin it...

I have a few more crafts up my sleeve for tomorrow! I'm making a trip to a thrift store in Cuyahoga Falls tomorrow AM so we will see what I can discover!

I linked up to Craft Couture Monday over at Craft Couture!


Upcycled Crafts - A HUGE Flower for your Hair + more

It's Easy to be Eco-Chic! - Eat your leftovers!

February 23, 2011

I made a purposeful choice today to make my meals eco-chic -

Just by eating my leftovers!

Americans throw away one pound of food every day! That means that we throw away 27% of all consumable food. 27%. Almost a third of all the food that we can eat!

One Country's Table Scraps, Another Country's Meal - NY Times

WHAT? These numbers are astounding. My mouth literally dropped open. And then I took another bite of my dinner. I'm absolutely guilty of wasting food, even though I have been making an effort over the past 6 months or so to reduce my waste. There is even a compost bin at my other house...but that's a whole different story.

And, according to this article from the New York Times, people really are starving in China who would love your leftovers. Well, actually hungry people are in your own NEIGHBORHOOD that would love your leftovers.

On a large scale, there are many organizations popping up that collect food from restaurants and grocery stores to cook and serve for the hungry people in our communities. Again, the article references that restaurants and grocery stores are not throwing away broken bottles of spaghetti sauce and crushed pasta, but whole pans of lasagna. I recently caught a TV show with the Silver Fox himself, Eric Ripert, that showed a similar organization that picked whole salmon, fresh organic chicken, etc in New York City. And this food was going to be trashed!

I ADORE Eric Ripert. He's my secret Top Chef crush - So smoochy!

So that's what brings us to what we can do on a SMALL scale aka our suburbian scale. The real difference that we can make. Isn't that what we are all about here at Eco-Chic in Suburbia?

Just eat your leftovers! Not in a stuff yourself until you are uncomfortably full and need a nap full...That goes against everything my Masters of Public Health loves! But eat them the next day or the day after that! Or next month! I know it's tiring to eat the same thing day after day (even though my aunt can eat the same thing for an entire week!) but you have a few possible solutions...

  • Make less. Did you really need to cook that entire pan of lasagna for two people?? Yes, I did this. And, while our dog ate half of the lasagna on a whim so it's a bad example, it probably would have gone to waste had he not so graciously helped out. What was I thinking? Why didn't I just make a half pan of lasagna?? Fail.

  • Freeze it instead of letting it go bad. There are quite a few blog posts out there about freezing individual portions of meals to make your own "TV dinners." This was a huge topic on the blogs a year or two ago but has died down (as far as I know). We also freeze spaghetti sauce, cinnamon rolls, bread and bagels, etc. People freeze table scraps (veggie cores & peels, chicken bones, etc to make broth and bread heels to make bread crumbs) too!

    • Side note - Bread and bagels are actually super easy to pop apart and toast up after being frozen. I had frozen cinnamon toast for breakfast that I bought like a month ago. Same thing goes for basically everything!

  • Make it in to something else. I used the Pioneer Woman's recipe to make meatloaf 2 months ago. Sadly, the bacon was not completely necessary if you venture down this delicious road...and if you do, make the mashed potatoes too! (Are you starting to recognize my little obsession with PW?) And let's just say that I did not follow the first guideline I listed - Make less. PW cooks for at least 6. I cook for 2, sometimes 3 + some random animals at the very most. There was meat loaf all over the place. So I split it up and froze a loaf of meat. Paul has watched a lot of Sopranos lately (which I hate but bear with me, I have a point) and was inspired to make some homemade red sauce, bread, pasta, etc. Instead of buying new meat for the sauce, he thawed out the deliciously seasoned meatloaf and mixed it in! SO GOOD. So we still had an entire crock pot of sauce after eating Italiano for days straight. We froze the rest of the sauce and that's what I had for dinner! I so did not mean for this bullet point to turn in to its own blog post but, um yeah, it was that good.

  • Just eat it. Was I totally in the mood for a toasted turkey and cheese sandwich for lunch today? No. But did I eat it anyways because it made more sense than throwing away the meat and cheese that would go bad any day now. Oh, and the bread was toasted because it was frozen! You might not have a taste for that random banana or bagel but there really is a starving person in Africa or down the street that would love it.

As I've typed, I realized that everything I ate today was frozen from another meal or about one day away from being thrown out. I love it when my day inspires my blog post! I will be posting about eco-chic ways to store your food soon too..

Last thing, there are definitely guidelines on how long items should be frozen safely, what should and should not be frozen, etc. Check out these guidelines from the USDA on food safety.

What do you do save food? Any fun tips or recipes that you've come up with to save time, food, and money??