Ten on Tuesday - Crafty Inspirations & To-Dos!

March 29, 2011

My to-do list is a constantly changing, never shrinking part of my life. Always there...Always waiting for my attention. I have a to-do list for work but also a personal to-do list that ranges from pay the cell phone bill to items I want (Tom's Shoes anyone?) to crafty projects that I want to create.

So my Ten on Tuesday will focus on the fun part of my To-Do List - the craft projects and deliciousness! I know you are dying to see my work to-do list but that will just have to wait for another Ten on Tuesday...Thanks to It's a Crafty Life!

1. DIY Flower Easter Eggs @ Pizzazzerie

[caption id="attachment_411" align="aligncenter" width="267" caption="A perfect excuse to use the new flower punch I splurged on over the weekend..."][/caption]

2. Dragonfly Headband @ Eisy Morgan

3. Paper Flower Wreath @ Did someone say party?

4. Chocolate Layer Cake @ Cupcakes and Cashmere

5. TP Roll Art @ Bon Temps Beignet

6. Handmade Peppermint Lip Balm @ Eye Spy DIY!

7.  No-sew T-shirt Scarf @ Iron Violet Designs

8. Flower Headband @ Snugars


[caption id="attachment_425" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="I want to modify this into something cute I can wear to the gym! My Couch to 5K workouts would be even better! "][/caption]

9. Asparagus, Goat Cheese, and Lemon Pasta @ Smitten Kitchen

10. Ruffled Cardigan @ Dear Lizzy

And here is a recipe to add to YOUR to-do list! I've made two batches of blondies in the past two days - I promise that they are THAT good. 5 minutes with a mixer and you are GTG. Enjoy and you're welcome!

Blondies @ Smitten Kitchen


Eco-Chic Deals of the Week beginning 3/27/11

Eco-Chic Deals of the Week has been missing for a few weeks...the deals just weren't there! But we are back! Finally!

Here you go...Not a huge week but enjoy! And remember to click back to the Cherry Picker for great tutorials on how different stores work...She has great deals and helps me save at the store (I picked up $60 worth of cat food for $25 at Giant Eagle this week. I am officially a crazy cat woman).


Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Mascara $9.99
$7.00 ECB back (basically $7 to spend on whatever you want in the store)
Limit One
Use $6.00 from CVS Coupon Machine (Make sure you scan your CVS card at the big red machine when you walk in)
Use $1 from 2/27 SS
= FREE – $1.99

Physician's Formula (everything else including organic face powder) starting at $5 and get back $7.

Thanks to the Cherry Picker for these deals!

Eco-chic on the Road...Seneca Falls, NY

March 25, 2011



I've been on the road with Paul exploring the Finger Lakes region of New York for the past few days...and it has been an incredible adventure for us! More to come on the trip but I wanted to give a quick example of what you can discover if you keep your eco,chic eyes (and, in this case, ears) open.

We stopped in at a local coffee shop, Zuzu's Cafe, for my very much needed morning cup of joe and a breakfast treat. This shop was gorgeous inside with lots of dark woods and jewel tones. Zuzu's also happened to feature 100% recyclable plates, freshly baked pastries, and locally roasted coffee. Oh, AND microgreens were being grown in one of the windows along with some avocado pits (they spout roots if placed in water...). I was obviously very pleased with the values of this coffee shop that we accidentally stumbled in to...

Paul also overheard a Seneca Falls local share that a free, soft-opening of the community theater's new production of Art was taking place that evening. You can't find out about this stuff at Bob Evans or Dunkin Donuts! The play was excellent and gave us the opportunity to experience some local art instead of driving to the next town over to see a movie.

We are on our way back to NEO now and I will definitely miss the beauty of this area and all of the wine tastings! More to come...

Kent Winter Farmers Market - CHEESE!

March 19, 2011

The theme of today's trip to the Kent Winter Farmers Market is cheese. Seriously. Cheese and lots of it. My heart and belly are happy! Here are a few photos of my trip...

Here is the warm welcome that you will receive at the Lucky Penny Creamery...

[caption id="attachment_376" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="love the orange door! "][/caption]

This sign sums up why I buy local. Less harm to the earth AND it tastes better!

The text reads:

Facts about buying Local: On average, food spends 7-14 days in transit, spending 1,300 miles from farm to table. Locally grown fruits and veggies are usually sold within 24 hours of being harvested. Local farmers offer food based on taste and freshness - not shelf life or shipping.

And then the goodies...

[caption id="attachment_378" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="ricotta salata, raw milk cheddar, and lemon zest cheese"][/caption]

The ricotta salata was from the Lucky Penny Creamery booth but I'm not sure if they made it...it was missing the LP tag. The raw milk cheddar and lemon zest cheese came from Meadow Maid. The vendor told me that Meadow Maid is from a 7th generation family farm with 100% grass-fed cows. I just read about how delicious raw milk cheddar is so it seemed like fate. Oh, and it is very delicious.

Kent Winter Farmers Market also has a book swap. I think it's a cookbook swap but there were a few non-cookbooks too. I brought two cookbooks to swap but only saw one thing that I wanted was a Wine Enthusiast's magazine with the greatest champagnes to celebrate with cover story. The only thing I love more than cheese is champagne!

This farmer's market keeps getting better with every trip. There are so many great vendors, including a woman who makes homemade laundry soap! I meant to buy some and then got distracted by the cheese...oops! sorry!

I will be dreaming about Spring all day now...Enjoy your weekend!

Eco-Chic Review: The Soda Stream

One of my biggest weaknesses is pop, specifically Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. I LOVE pop. I always joke that a fountain pop can get you through anything. At my previous job, I would run down the road to Speedway and get a 32 oz fountain pop (yes, it had to be 32 ounces...not one more or less) and all would be good in the world. Bring on the angry calls and crazy issues. In fact, I regularly said "just go get a fountain pop and move on" during stressful situations.

Disposable plastic cups and containers were first on my list of bad, non-eco-chic, habits to break. Our culture consumes SO much. Packaging, containers, silverware - we have disposable everything. I am absolutely not perfect. I get take-out containers a few times a week at work (they are biodegradable!) and the occasional 32 oz fountain pop. And now that we can only recycle 1s and 2s in Kent, our yogurt containers go in the trash instead of the recycling bin.

That's where this rockstar comes in...


[caption id="attachment_370" align="aligncenter" width="222" caption="The Soda Stream"][/caption]

The Soda Stream website probably says it best:

No lugging.     No storage.     No empties.     Great Price.

I adore the Soda Stream and it has filled a void in my life. It has been on my wish list for at least a year...and then the incredible Paul gifted me one for Christmas. LOVE him and love the soda stream.

The thing about pop is that it's not all about the flavor for me. It's all about the bubbles. The bubbles make water taste delicious and are more satisfying to me. I can have a glass of freshly carbonated water with dinner and it doesn't feel like a punishment. It's the perfect accompaniment to any meal and just makes the day a little bit brighter. (Um...sometimes water feels like a punishment drink even though it is necessary and delicious when you are super thirsty. I also recongize that it is a priviledge to hate on water).

The Soda Stream comes with two reusable bottles and the CO2 necessary for carbonation. It has been my new best friend since Christmas and I just had to switch out my CO2 tank for a new one last week. It lasted for 3 months with regular, almost daily use. It was easy - just go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond's customer service desk and they have the refills. You can even use a coupon!

The variety of flavors for your freshly bubbled water is huge and a major perk - diet cola, orange pop, something that is supposed to be like Fresca. The only one that we have is the fake Red Bull flavoring. It definitely gives you wings! I just noticed that the website is featuring the new line of Sparking Naturals flavors that will come out sometime this spring - no artificial flavors, no artificial colors and no artificial sweeteners, and do not contain any preservatives. Very nice!

I picked up some flavored syrups in cherry and pomegranate from World Market when we first got the Soda Stream and it makes delicious Italian Sodas. When those are gone, I will probably switch to 100% juice as a flavoring just to reduce the pure sugar factor of it all.

My obsession with the Soda Stream has turned in to a great thing for the environment. I have drastically reduced the number of bottled drinks that I buy - this saves on the packaging material for bottles and all of the resources that go in to creating the product in the first place! And the Soda Stream is gaining in popularity...when I first discovered it, no one knew what it was...now I know 3 other people who own and love the Soda Stream.

The one downside is the price. It's usually between $80-$100 so it's a steep initial investment. I promise it's worth it and you can even use a coupon on it at places like Macy's, Bed Bath and Beyond, and even Kohls has gotten in on the Soda Stream love.

In conclusion, get it, love it, and drink up!

[caption id="attachment_371" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="A terrible photo of my soda stream..."][/caption]



My heart is in Japan today...

March 18, 2011

Eco-Chic Events 3/19-3/20

Here are the eco-chic events happening in NEO this weekend...let me know if I missed anything!

Saturday, March 19th

  • Hale Farm & Village Maple Sugar Festival 10 AM – 4PM

    • Ticket price also includes an all you can eat pancake breakfast (or lunch depending on what time you roll in…)

    • who wouldn't want to celebrate the yummyness of maple syrup?

Sunday, March 20th

Later in the week...

Why yes, I did treat myself to a present today...

March 17, 2011
I was doing some blog hopping this morning with my morning cup of coffee and clicked over to Joy in the Jumble. Not only did her list of recipes for Ten on Tuesday look delicious, she also had a sponsor featured on her sidebar.

My curious nature forced me to click on the adorable button for Amula Designs. And I'm so glad I did! I indulged myself with this little handmade treasure...

Oh...and this one too.

I couldn't help myself. I just pictured it on my wrist with my Tiffany's charm bracelet and made a very wise impulse purchase.There's so much beauty found in simplicity...especially when paired with charm bracelets.

I'm still smiling just looking at that necklace...what a fabulous accessory for Spring! I've really reduced my shopping and now try to only buy clothes, shoes, accessories that make me swoon, squeal, or touch - and these two pieces caused several of those reactions! Paul recently gave a great demonstration of how I walk around the high-end shoe section of Nordstrom's and pet shoes. Who doesn't pet Miu Miu's and Louboutins? And sigh. I pet and sigh. Oh my. You might know too much about me now. I wear leggings as pants and act like a crazy person around shoes...can you handle that? I sure hope so!

PS - these two items are now gone because they will hopefully be in the mail to me any minute but there were quite a few available in different colors!


Eco-Chic Deals 3/17/11

A few more eco-chic deals today just for you! I will continue to update throughout the day...

Groupon - Akron/Canton: $15 for $30 worth of sports equipment from Play It Again Sports!

Living Social - Akron/Canton: $30 for a massage or acupunture treatment at the Natural Health Center of Akron. It's amazing how your stress melts away when you treat yourself to some healthy pampering. And stress is a major hater on your health. So you will be relaxed, have increased blood circulation...wait, did you really need an excuse to get a massage?

Eco-Chic Deal - Tree Hugger Cafe + more (updated at 1:15 PM)

March 16, 2011
Here's a quick eco-chic deal from Living Social...Sounds delish! Wished I lived closer...

Only $10 for $20 worth of food at Tree Hugger Cafe in Berea, OH. The Tree Hugger Cafe "proudly uses organic ingredients for virtually every item on its menu. The cafe also works to support local farmers and agricultural merchants, which helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the food industry."

Thanks to Hip to Save for posting this deal from Origins! From what I understand, Origins is a great product line that has a natural, chemical free approach to beauty. I've never tried the products but I'm going to check the deal out later today..."If you are a fan of Origins products, then you may be excited to know that they are currently offering up FREE shipping on ANY order – no code needed! Plus, you can score a FREE 3 week sample of moisturizer by using codes"


Ten on Tuesday - Cookbooks I swoon over!

March 15, 2011

It's time for Ten on Tuesday! I missed last week but we are back on track!

Cookbooks are so inspiring to me...I love reading the stories of how recipes are created, the steps on how to make something extra delicious (deglazing the pan is one of my favorite tips!), and being inspired to actually COOK my food and not heat up a packaged something or other.

My favorite cookbooks have lots of photos, little vignettes on the recipe's creation, easy step by step directions, and substitutions for hard to find or expensive ingredients...

Without further ado...here are my favorite cookbooks (or soon to be favorite in some cases...)

1. Baked: Explorations and Baked: New Frontiers in Baking - I recently checked out Baked: Explorations from the library and I already love it simply because it has a monkey bread recipe. And it looks delicious.Can't wait to pick up New Frontiers!

2. Pioneer Woman Cooks - No explanation needed. Much love to Ree Drummond.

3. Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day/Healthy Bred in 5 Minutes a Day - I talk about these books all the time. Love it. Life changing. The end.

[caption id="attachment_329" align="aligncenter" width="177" caption="Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day "][/caption]

And now a few that I love from afar...They are lingering on my wish list and I adore the blogs that inspired them.

4. Urban Pantry - I've heard great things about this cookbook and love its focus on "tips and recipes for a thrifty, sustainable, and seasonal kitchen."

5. Steamy Kitchen Cookbook - Jaden's blog is inspiring and I just discovered that she has a cookbook! I adore Asian food and this looks amazing. Her recipes take all the intimidation out of Asian food and the photos are good enough to eat!

6. Canning & Preserving with Ashley English: All you need to know to make jams, jellies, pickles, chutneys & more - I've already made pickles. Easy and delicious. I'm ready for more! (She also has a whole series of fantastic books!)

7. Jeni's Ice Cream at Home - I swoon and squeal over this ice cream every time I'm in Columbus. And now I will be able to make it at home with my KitchenAid stand mixer ice cream attachment. I can't wait. seriously.

8. Smitten Kitchen Cookbook - Read this blog. Cook her food. You will love it. And then you will be itching for Spring 2012 when the cookbook actually comes out.

9. The Kind Diet - Alicia Silverstone (who I will always love from Clueless) wrote a vegan cookbook. And has done all sorts of other eco-chic stuff. I just picked this up from the library and can't wait to start reading it. Yes, I read cookbooks. Paul thinks it's weird. I know it is.

10. Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution - Jamie Oliver is passionate about teaching people how to eat and cook easy, delicious, healthy food all from scratch.  Our reliance on processed and fast food has made us unhealthy as can be but his passion is inspiring change. A man after my own heart.


An Eco-Chic kind of Weekend...SO MUCH FUN!

March 14, 2011

I mentioned in my Eco-Chic Events post that I've had a busy week...add in a broken laptop and hanging on to my health with all of my might...it was just too much and it all resulted in major writer's block. Between all of my sneezes and meetings, my poor little blog was neglected...and so was my social life!

So here's a rather long recap of my weekend...The eco-chic treats, deals, and even a puppy!

Friday afternoon turned into a mini-shopping event when I only meant to go to Target to pick up some Seventh Generation laundry detergent. A quick trip to Big Lots turned in to a potential blog post with all the eco-chic deals! Kashi, Seventh Generation, Nature's Gate...all at great prices! I love when natural products are cheap...it leaves few excuses to clean with synthetic, petroleum-based products and eat foods full of nasty stuff.

But my HUGE find at Big Lots was completely unexpected. My mouth literally dropped open and I had to contain a squeal. I even tried to call Paul even though he was at work (luckily he didn't answer...this was a huge find for me but he might have been a teensy bit annoyed...just a smidge). Nielson-Massey Vanilla for $4.80. Yes, that vanilla. THE vanilla. The $10 for 4 ounces touted as a great gift item and raved about by the Pioneer Woman. She also makes me squeal. Oh my. *squeal* Sorry, it couldn't be contained.

THE vanilla. I can't wait to do some serious baking!

Saturday morning turned in to a trip to the Countryside Conservancy Farmers Market in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Also, a great trip. A bit far from Kent so I will probably stick with the Kent Farmers Market on most weekend but it was a great treat. Around 30 vendors selling everything from jam, honey, and soap (all my purchases) to lettuce, meat, eggs, and baked goods. All natural. Some organic. But all raised/grown/created with your health and the earth in mind. LOVE IT. I swooned. I made gooey-eyes at the many, many treats and booths but I managed to pull it together to actually talk to some of the fantastic people behind these products. The woman who created Lazy Bee shared some stories about raising bees and harvesting honey. Another twenty-something woman with Brunty Farms told me how her and her husband started their farm with passion twinkling in her eyes. She might be my local farming hero. I only snagged a few photos but here they are...

Locally made honey! Did you know it helps with allergies because of the pollen?


[caption id="attachment_327" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Lazy Bee from Hiram, OH "][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_328" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="these are a few of my favorite things..."][/caption]

SO on my way to the Countryside Conservancy Farmers Market, I passed the best thrift store that I've found so far in NEO - the Village Discount. I'm biased because Village Discount is ALWAYS my favorite no matter where I'm at but it's good. A little far from Kent but, hey, I was driving past it anyways. And I again had a mouth-dropping, swooning moment. Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day was waiting for me. Just sitting there on a shelf waiting for me to walk in and swoop it up. This cookbook is the sequel to Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day which I reviewed here and it has been on my Amazon wish list for a few months. And then I found it used for $3. Score! I also picked up some stemless red wine glasses and tiny parfait glasses for smaller-sized treats.

Saturday night included a charity burlesque show put on by Le Femme Mystique and a trip to the House of Blues Foundation Room in Cleveland. A VIP kind of night!

Paul and I made a quick trip down to Columbus on Sunday for some family time that, of course, included a very delicious trip to Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream. I PROMISE that you will swoon and maybe even moan when you try Jeni's ice cream...salty caramel, Thai chili, and don't even get me started on the new Bake Shop flavors! Jeni focuses on using locally made products (did you KNOW that there is a vodka AND whiskey distillery in Central Ohio? There is. And it makes delicious ice cream.) Here's a quick peek at my delicious and eco-chic treat...

[caption id="attachment_330" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Corn Syrup Custard w/ Whiskey & Pecans, Bananas & Honey, and Goat Cheese w/ Cognac Fig Sauce! "][/caption]

Oh, and here's the puppy! My brother is in the Army and our Aunt is so graciously taking care of this rambunctious fellow.

He loves it when I squeeze him like that. Can't you tell? His name is Dexter but he will always be my Pudding Pop!

I hope your weekend was full of squeals and swoons just like mine!

Eco-Chic Events - TODAY 3/12

March 12, 2011
Quick note - This has been a super busy week + Paul's laptop broke so he stole mine while it's been fixed + I've been fighting something off all week = no posts...Sorry!! I'm writing some "go-to posts" this weekend if/when I have another week like this...I know that I hate visiting a blog that hasn't updated in weeks, so I definitely don't want to let you down!

I know this is late notice but there are some fun events happening today! I'm definitely checking out the Countryside Conservancy Winter Farmers Market and maybe the Kent Winter Market if I get a chance!

Saturday, March 12th

Eco-Chic Events 3/4 - 3/6

March 4, 2011
Whew! I am ready for the weekend! This week has wrecked havoc on many people in my life so I'm grateful for the weekend just so their terrible, no good, very bad week is over...So I am planning on rocking out the weekend!

So far my plans include a trip to India Garden, a fabulous Indian restaurant in Lakewood, and then a trip to the West Side Market in Cleveland. I've only been to the West Side Market once but it was right when it was closing. We didn't see the market in all of it's splendor but we got FANTASTIC deals on produce and bread from vendors who didn't want to just throw away their wares. (This was actually right before the Ohio City 5K...not a good idea to stuff your face with delicious, fresh bread and then try to run 3 miles.)

Click the name of the event for more info...

Saturday, March 5th

  • Artwalk - Downtown Akron (locations vary) 5 - 1o PM

    • Check out the website for more info. This is a great way to support local shops and see the talent that our area has to offer!

  • Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad - Akron Northside Station

    • Spend the day exploring! Check the website for more info

All Weekend!

  • The Library Shop on Main is having a month-long special of half-price on selected books like cookbooks and gardening books. The store offers gently used books at a great price. Even if you don’t see one for half-off, the prices are still reasonable. - the330.com

Let me know if I'm missing anything!! Have a fabulous weekend!

A Few Eco-Chic Deals for your weekend...

Bring on the deals! I adore Groupon, Living Social, etc. I've tried all sorts of restaurants, taken different classes (including Craft Akron!), etc because of these deals. It's a fantastic way to learn about all of the fabulousness in your own city!


  • Akron/Canton -$10 for $20 worth of Beads and Classes at Bead Boutique

    • Not necessarily eco-chic in itself BUT learning different crafting techniques helps you to repurpose and upcycle items or fix the jewerly you have...so you reduce the waste stream! I haven't purchased this one yet but I'm seriously thinking about it...

It's a huge day for deals! I'm going to check out Living Social and update over lunch...Enjoy!

Eco-Chic Daily Deals from Eversave and Groupon

March 2, 2011
Super quick post...There are two deals out there that I wanted to let you know about...Taking advantage of these types of deals (as needed and desired) is one of the best ways to save money on organic, natural, repurposed, sustainable, green items (I know you loved all those adjectives in a row!).

  • Eversave - Cleveland has $40 worth of jewelry created from recycled gold, silver, etc and fair trade sustainable gems. This jewelry is GORGEOUS but $40 won't get you very far...but if you are looking to indulge yourself or a friend, this is perfect!

  • Groupon - Akron/Canton has a great deal to a local restaurant - The Stew Pot Kitchen. $5 for $10 worth of delicious soup with a green focus! I'm definitely scooping this Groupon!

    • From Groupon..."Using seasonal ingredients supplied by the owner's vegetable garden and local farmers' markets, The Stew Pot spoons out fresh, succulent, and sustainable fare. The eatery keeps bills and eco-footprints low with a simple spread of veggie-laden soups and stews (small, $2.50; large, $3.50) lovingly ladled into compostable cups and bowls"

  • A second Groupon has beer and wine making kits for crazy low prices from Abruzzo's in Kent! This is one of the most eco-chic ways to indulge in a glass (or two) of wine. You reuse wine bottles as well as save on the fuel to transport those heavy wine bottles.


Ten on Tuesday - Easy Eco-Chic Choices at the Grocery Store

March 1, 2011

It's that time again - Thanks It's a Crafty Life for hosting Ten on Tuesday!

This Ten on Tuesday is all about easy, eco-chic switches, choices, and changes that you can make at the grocery store...You use your purchasing "voice" every time you swipe your debit card. The items that you buy reflect your values and what is important to you. What's in your grocery cart also tell companies what you value. So think about these 10 changes that you can make and how they might better reflect some of your values...or not :)

1. This one is super obvious but bring your own reusable bags! You can pick up a few from your favorite store, thrift store, or create your own. Wal-Mart has the cheapest at $0.50 each but T.J. Maxx has the cutest. Here are 45 different patterns to inspire you to create your own reusable bags!

2. Reach for a natural, biodegradable, chemical-free cleaner instead of your traditional stand-by. I adore Seventh Generation's cleaning products and dish soap. Thyme is a main ingredient and it smells delish (to me).Greenworks Scrubbing Bubbles is also a popular item here.

3. Look for natural and organic meat when it is marked down. Save some money but also get the healthy, antibiotic-free meat that is so good for you. Use it for dinner the same night or throw it in the freezer for later use.

4. Close the loop! Use your "purchasing voice" by buying products that are created from post-consumer recycled material. This closes the recycling loop and creates the demand for recycled goods. Make sense? Try 100% recycled Reynolds foil, recycled Ziploc bags, and paper products (I like Marcel).

5. Purchase in bulk. Instead of single-serving yogurt cups or individually-portioned peanut butter/cream cheese/cheese, buy the large size of yogurt and put in a reusable container (along with some homemade granola, honey, and cinnamon - yum!). Same thing with the peanut butter. I also spend way too much time in Acme's organic section exploring the bulk food section. Spices, grains, flour, oh my!

6. Buy less, make more! I just read about how to make your own mayo. I don't use mayo very often so it might be easier to make my own instead of buying the giant container. We sometimes make our own salad dressing and store it in the empty bottle. Homemade BBQ sauce is also great - you can tweak it so your favorite flavors stand out.

7. Don't put your veggies in those disposable plastic bags so widely available in the produce section. The few extra seconds it takes to handle your veggies individually saves a plastic bag - and the resources used to create it. Or use the bag but reuse it! You can make a pocket just for these bags in one of your new fabulous reusable bags!

8. Park further back in the parking lot instead of circling for a close spot. Fuel is wasted when you putter around the lot searching for a magical close spot that will appear at some point...So you save resources and give your legs a workout!

9. Pick a natural product to try once a week or so. When I was still in grad school, Paul and I used to go to the grocery store and we would each get to pick out one "fun" item. Everything else was boring stuff like milk, bread, chicken, and the like. Sometimes I would splurge on Count Chocula...but other times I would try organic produce or soy ice cream. I still splurge on a new item every other trip or so to Acme or Giant Eagle. This week's splurge was local chocolate milk from Hartlzer Family Dairy Farm in Wooster. I think it's adorable because it comes in a glass bottle. Paul thinks it's delicious. Win!

10. Don't go to the grocery store! Make a trip to your local farmer's market to stock up on produce in the Summer and Fall and INCREDIBLE cheeses, breads, and meat in the winter. I make trade-offs to work these items in to my budget. Cheaper coffee (I try to wait for organic or fair trade or sustainably sourced coffee to go on sale) for locally made goat cheese and I use less meat in my recipes so I can use better quality meat. I've been to the Kent Winter Market just once and I can't wait to go back.

Have you made any eco-chic switches that you want to share? Or face any challenges at the grocery? I can't wait to hear about them!