About Eco-Chic

Hi! I'm Katie and I truly believe that "going green" is a necessary and desirable lifestyle choice for everyone - really, I promise that it feels fabulous to be green! I also believe that it is never as easy as we would like to think - especially in suburbia.

Sure we might have curbside recycling, but we do not have organizations regularly reaching out to us about beekeeping, upcycling, and backyard chicken coops. And those are some more extreme options! What about composting? Or cooking and baking meals from scratch? Then you know exactly what you are putting in your mouth. And it is easy (I promise I'm not lying!).

Being Eco-Chic in Suburbia is as easy as buying an earth-friendly detergent (for cheap!), eating an organic apple - or one washed with a vinegar solution to reduce pesticides or using a biodegradable doggie bag on your daily walk with the family pooch (also bought for a reduced price!). I always promote walking (if you can) for errands. Turning off the TV and creating something out some random scraps and leftover materials.

Join me on my journey to be Eco-Chic in Suburbia and we can make this lifestyle easier for everyone! I'm SO excited to share the ideas, blog, companies, and people who inspire me to be eco-chic every day!

A very quick bio: I live and work in Ohio. I share my home with my partner, Paul, and the love of my life - my cat, Shadow. My secret obsessions that make my heart long for more are Robert Pattinson, cupcakes, animals, reading scrapbooking blogs and longing to be able to create something so beautiful but I don't really want to try, travelling, and my vintage KitchenAid mixer.I have a BA in Women's Studies and a Masters of Public Health - and I adore Top Chef, Vampire Diaries, and GLEE! I'm vaguely a cliché...and I'm ok with that :) My hope is that being eco-chic will soon be a predictable cliché because everyone will be doing it!