Ditch those Q-tips for DIY Super Soft Plushies!

May 21, 2011
I have to admit that I use A LOT of q-tips/cotton swabs and other disposable cottony things found in the bathroom. I use q-tips for my ears and to remove my eye makeup, cotton balls for toner, nail polish remover, etc.

What a waste! Sure, q-tips and cotton balls are super convenient but they are also disposable products that eat up our resources to produce, transport, and landfill! 

Remember to pick up the q-tips with the paper sticks - not the plastic! Please, not the plastic sticks. Those are the WORST. Please and thank you. If you feel like getting super eco-chic, you can pick up some organic cotton swabs.

So while some people do choose to reuse their q-tips, I'm just not that extreme. As soon as Paul wakes up from his nap, I'm going to use this as a reason to justify the re-using of aluminum foil. That is tame compared to q-tips! 

I decided to go the other (and usually better) route of reducing. Sure, I still need q-tips to freshen up my ears but I made these incredible soft plushies (yes, I did completely make up that name) for everything else. In fact, they are so soft that it feels a 100 times more luxurious to use the plushies instead of a cotton swab! Seriously, my face rejoices when these plushies caress it. My favorite type of eco-chic swap! 

 Plushies can SO easily be made from scraps of material if you are a crafter. I had to buy the pink cuddle soft material but the red/pink polka dots are from my scrap bag. 

Then I sewed the wrong sides together using a decorative petal stitch...Note the always present Soda Stream bottle in the background. The bubbles keep me inspired!

Then just make a grid - but always have 2 lines of sewing so you can cut the piece up in to smaller plushies. I basically split the fabric and then made 6 plushies out of the 2 columns. Mine are about 2x2 but I'm going to make some bigger ones with my left over fabric. 

Now pop them in a cute container and you are all set! You just might find yourself wiping away the day's grime at lunch...before dinner...whenever your face needs a pick me up!

I wish I could show you super cute photos of my bathroom...but just to be honest, my bathroom is barren. Rugs, towels, and an incredible reed diffuser...For whatever reason, this room is completely ignored decoration wise...We are moving to a new apartment soon and I'm thinking turquoise and coral. Very beachy and bright! 

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