Because you are fabulous and crafty...

May 26, 2011
You should consider getting a booth at the "Made in Ohio" Craft Festival at Hale Farm and Village

I adore that this festival is focused on fabulous things made in Ohio. And it's not until September 3rd so you have plenty of time to create enough items to sell! Here are the details pulled from the website...I'm adding the event to the Eco-Chic Events calendar right now. 

Exhibitor Information

All product must be:
~Made in Ohio
~Made by the exhbitor
Tent space is $75 for a 10x10' space.

Exhbitors must provide their own tent.

After June 1, 2011, the space cost will be $85 per 10 x10 space.

Deadline for submissions is August 1, 2011

Northeast Ohio 2011 Farmers Market Guide!

May 23, 2011
The Plain Dealer put out a guide to the farmers markets happening in you can add these fabulous events to your calendar and enjoy some locally grown and created food!

I adore the Kent Farmers Market even though I've only been during the winter. All of my senses are craving the produce that the summer will bring! 

Here are a few markets that I might try to hit up this summer...

Akron - Market at Lock 3

Hudson - Hudson Farmers Market

And the Tremont Farmers Market in Cleveland...

Let me know if you have a recommendation for any markets that I MUST check out!

A morning bike ride...

May 22, 2011
...turned in to an adventure. The good and the bad kind.

I decided to walk the eco-chic, I mean eco-chic ride? this morning and ride my bike to run a few errands around Kent. I needed to work out, the weather was gorgeous, and the stops weren't fair away. 

So off I went...and I realized that I am terrified of biking on the roads. I like to pretend that I am still in 3rd grade and it's ok for me to be on the sidewalk. It's not. I'm going to run down small children who really should be on the side walk, students on their way to class, and possibly a black squirrel or two. But I really hate being on an even remotely busy road. 

So I took some neighborhood streets to my first stop and was doing great! Drivers were incredibly considerate and I kept promising myself that I would get a bike helmet soon. And then I fell. Well, more like tumbled on to the concrete after I tried to get back on the sidewalk while on a busier road and my tire hit the curb the wrong way...I was super embarrassed but a sweet person stopped to make sure I was ok (moments like these renew my faith in the world). After re-adjusting my basket and things, I was on my way again.

And then I wandered around a local neibhorhood for 45 minutes or so. I found a tiny secret park, gorgeous gardens, and evidence of people growing food all over. But this was my favorite...

An entire house was surrounded by beautiful gardens with flowering bushes and trees. My mind immediately thought of the book, The Secret Garden. The hand-carved "Keep Out" sign with the barb wire only increased my desire to sneak inside...But there was a person in the driveway so I quickly snapped a picture, waved, and said good-bye to my plan of trespassing (just to be clear, I would not trespass!). The juxtaposition of lovely and harsh took my breath away...just like ugly/beautiful does.

I'm still committed to riding my bike as much as possible but I am looking for low-traffic paths to some of my frequent stops. I cannot deal with the panic I feel or another fall. But I am planning on buying my helmet asap so at least my brain will be protected! 

Do you bike ride with a purpose or just for fun? What has your experience been like?

Ditch those Q-tips for DIY Super Soft Plushies!

May 21, 2011
I have to admit that I use A LOT of q-tips/cotton swabs and other disposable cottony things found in the bathroom. I use q-tips for my ears and to remove my eye makeup, cotton balls for toner, nail polish remover, etc.

What a waste! Sure, q-tips and cotton balls are super convenient but they are also disposable products that eat up our resources to produce, transport, and landfill! 

Remember to pick up the q-tips with the paper sticks - not the plastic! Please, not the plastic sticks. Those are the WORST. Please and thank you. If you feel like getting super eco-chic, you can pick up some organic cotton swabs.

So while some people do choose to reuse their q-tips, I'm just not that extreme. As soon as Paul wakes up from his nap, I'm going to use this as a reason to justify the re-using of aluminum foil. That is tame compared to q-tips! 

I decided to go the other (and usually better) route of reducing. Sure, I still need q-tips to freshen up my ears but I made these incredible soft plushies (yes, I did completely make up that name) for everything else. In fact, they are so soft that it feels a 100 times more luxurious to use the plushies instead of a cotton swab! Seriously, my face rejoices when these plushies caress it. My favorite type of eco-chic swap! 

 Plushies can SO easily be made from scraps of material if you are a crafter. I had to buy the pink cuddle soft material but the red/pink polka dots are from my scrap bag. 

Then I sewed the wrong sides together using a decorative petal stitch...Note the always present Soda Stream bottle in the background. The bubbles keep me inspired!

Then just make a grid - but always have 2 lines of sewing so you can cut the piece up in to smaller plushies. I basically split the fabric and then made 6 plushies out of the 2 columns. Mine are about 2x2 but I'm going to make some bigger ones with my left over fabric. 

Now pop them in a cute container and you are all set! You just might find yourself wiping away the day's grime at lunch...before dinner...whenever your face needs a pick me up!

I wish I could show you super cute photos of my bathroom...but just to be honest, my bathroom is barren. Rugs, towels, and an incredible reed diffuser...For whatever reason, this room is completely ignored decoration wise...We are moving to a new apartment soon and I'm thinking turquoise and coral. Very beachy and bright! 

Easy to be Eco-Chic: Ice Cream Cone!

May 19, 2011
Sometimes it is so easy (and delicious) to be eco-chic! I couldn't help but smile when I saw this sun-faded sign in the window of a little ice cream shop in Grafton, OH. 

And then I had a red velvet ice cream cone inspired photo shoot! Enjoy!

Oh, and the ice cream was delicious too!!

Eco-Chic Deals : May 18th

May 18, 2011
Ready for a few fun eco-chic deals? Here you go - just click the deal title to go to the deal!

Eco-Tools Beauty Product Swap - My favorite deal!  

Eco-Tools is offering up TWO coupons for free make-up brushes if you mail in two of your not-so-eco make brushes, lotions, butters, etc. Check out the website for more details. The only cost to you is postage (makeup brushes will be the cheapest)! I'm planning on dropping two old make-up brushes in the mail today. You will be surprised at how great and available these products are - CVS, Walgreens, Acme, etc all carry them! And the Eco-Tools eyeshadow brush was recommended to me by a makeup artist rather than the $20 one sold by their brand! 

PS - I first mentioned Eco-Tools in Ten Tips to Eco-Chic your Bathroom! Now it can't be easier!

Thanks to Hip 2 Save for sharing this deal! 

Sam's Club is offering up a 10 week membership for only $10. Why is this eco-chic? Two reasons - Sam's Club has many "green" products for less and most bulk food uses less packaging (avoid individual servings to reduce both types of green waste - $$$ and plastic). Just sign up by June 5th!

Thanks to Common Sense with Money for sharing this deal!

Just register on the website and they will email your coupon. And remember to press the back button so you can get two!

Thanks to Hip 2 Save again! 

$9 for $23 worth of organic & eco-friendly teas & accessories from

Eversave Cleveland is offering up this deal!! You can buy 2 deals but they cannot be applied to shipping ($6 flat rate). Deal: $10 for $25 worth of Method products (or anything else!)

Method posted this deal on it's Facebook page!

Easy to be Eco-Chic: Switch just one bottle of laundry detergent!

May 17, 2011
Seventh Generation just posted this quick fact on my Facebook Feed and even I was surprised!  
"If every household in the US replaced just one bottle of 150 oz. 2X concentrate petroleum-based laundry liquid with our 150 oz. 2X concentrate plant-derived product, we could save 20 million gallons of oil, the equivalent to removing 34,000 cars from the road for one year."
  WHAT?! Crazy. And worth the effort - especially if you can find Seventh Generation Products on sale. 

Note: I'm sure this goes for any plant-based laundry detergent! I have used Seventh Generation, Method, and Martha Stewart Clean products with success and love for the earth!

The Body Shop Super Sale - Today only!!

May 11, 2011
The Body Shop is offering up some pretty serious sales today! 

Buy 3 skin care or make up items & receive 2 for free!

THEN...if you buy today, you can use this online only sale to sweeten the deal!

 I might try some of the Honey Bronze products that are featured on the site...Even the exceptionally pale, vampire like girls out there need to fake some sun over the summer (under the 50+ SPF, of course). I've heard fantastic things about The Body Shop's eye shadow too. 

AND to make it even better - go through Ebates to earn 12% cash back on your purchase! Never heard of Ebates - go check it out now! I've received over $200 back from my normal online shopping - it's pretty fabulous.  

Let the shopping begin! 

Crafty Mart finds that made me swoon!

May 4, 2011
Did you happen to make it out to Crafty Mart

Yes? Good for you - there were some fabulous crafters! 

No? Add it to your calendar for next time - You know it will be on the Eco-Chic Events Calendar!

I was able to squeeze in a quick trip before dealing with some water hanging out in my basement. Ugh. I know. 

Here are a few of my favorite things from Crafty Mart (and a peak at the amazing talents in Northeast Ohio!).

KYEbags makes this adorable's bigger than it looks and would make the perfect summer clutch. It would hold everything I need! Cell phone, sunscreen, wallet, snack, chapstick, more snacks...She also uses vintage fabrics for some of her designs - yay repurposing!

Rusty Chain Jewelry had whimsical necklaces...including one called Moneybags with a very debonoir mustache and eye piece that I loved! That one isn't featured on her Esty shop but here is a necklace after NEO's very own heart!

Psycho Reindeer had the perfect shirts for the t-shirt-loving peeps in your life. A few just plain made me laugh out loud including this one I bought for both Paul and one of my bros.

I meant to focus on more vendors, especially those who have an eco-chic flair, but I was in a hurry...that flooded basement was calling my name. Crafty Mart is getting bigger and better every time so make sure to go out and support your incredibly talented neighbors here in NEO!
PS - Paul, this post should be a big hint for future presents...just sayin'.

PSS - Paul is a very accomplished gift he really doesn't need hints.

Welcome to Eco-Chic in Suburbia's new (blogging) home!

May 2, 2011
Welcome to Eco-Chic in Suburbia's new home and a gorgeous makeover

First, a huge THANK YOU to Rachel at Just b.Cause for developing our new look. Seriously, this woman is a creative genius and her cause is inspiring. Rachel offers design services to personal bloggers and non-profits at no profit for her - she simply requests that you donate to the charitable organization of your choice! I was able to support one of my favorite organizations, Townhall II, and update Eco-Chic in Suburbia's look! She also 100% created the new design - all I told her was that I was thinking of something with flowers and I like yellow, pink, and green. Oh, and that I like swirly font headers. (I really used the word swirly) So go check Rachel out - now, please!

Just like a new cut and color inspires me in my life, this blog makeover has inspired me to continue to work hard to spread the message and inspiration of Eco-Chic in Suburbia. 

Exhibit A: I found out that the blog makeover was complete as Paul and I were driving to dinner...And I then proceed to swoon and squeal over the new look for most of dinner - Love at first sight!

Please be sure to subscribe, follow, link, friend to your heart's content! 

A few upcoming items to watch out for...
  • a GIVEAWAY! who doesn't love to win? hint: the more places you follow Eco-Chic in Suburbia, the more chances you have to win.
  • an Eco-Chic Inspiration Link Party - not sure if it will be weekly or monthly but I'm excited to announce that Eco-Chic in Suburbia will be hosting a link party to share your upcycling, recycling, reusing, earth-friendly posts about everything from crafting to cooking to deals to composting. I cannot wait to be inspired! 
  • the Eco-Chic Events Calendar will be updated regularly with events from all over NEO! Instead of just featuring events on Friday for the upcoming weekend, you will now have access to events happening 24/7 through the new calendar. And be sure to let me know about any events that I can share for you!